The Purpose of Birth and Death

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Author : Sri Rama
Scribe : S.N. Tavaria


God, in His infinite mercy, guided me through one of his advanced sons who had also struggled hard. He introduced himself to me as Sri Rama. He was instrumental in inspiring in me a deep and unshakable love for the Divine Soul. Under his guidance I slowly progressed; under his guidance is this book written.

If it contains anything sensible, God be praised that my mind could finally grasp what he explained. If the reader finds anything not sensible, know that my grasp did not rise to his explanation or that I must have added something of my own.

I make no claims to anything and expect nothing. If this book serves any purpose, I shall feel happy that the struggles of more than a few decades have found solace with a few.

This book is dedicated to that Great Soul who guided me -- I, so unworthy. My homage to Sri Rama, my guide and my shield in this life and in all eternity. I can only bow my head to Sri Rama and say, "I have esteemed thy words more than my necessary food." If we can only be what he was, certainly God could be wonderful!