Story of Bhima and Hanuman - Part 2

Continuing from last week, Bhimasen approached the monkey and roared like a lion. The whole forest, with all the wild animals within, trembled at the deafening sound but the monkey remained unperturbed.

He opened his eyes, looked at Bhima and with happiness in his heart, said these words, “I am ill and suffering, I was sleeping soundly; why have you woken me? You seem an intelligent human being, then why are you frightening the animals? A person of knowledge, such as you, should sympathize with the animals and not harm or kill them in this way. I think you do not know what Dharma is. You have not served the Brahmins. It is because you are short of intelligence that you are harming all these animals. Who are you that you have come into this forest where no man ever comes? O lion among men, tell me where you want to go, this mountain is impossible to climb. This path is only used by the gods, it is only out of compassion that I stop you, so listen to me and go back.

Bhimasen replied, “Who are you and why are you in the form of a monkey. My name is Bhimasen, the son of Pandu, and I am born from Vayu, the wind god.

The monkey quipped, “I am a monkey and I will not get out of the way for you, please go back. Do not try to fight me.

Bhima retorted, “O monkey I am not asking you, just get up and let me go ahead, otherwise you will suffer at my hands.

The monkey calmly continued “I am ill and cannot move so if you want to go ahead, then jump over me.

Bhima said, “The unmanifest Almighty lives in everyone’s heart. He can be known through the path of knowledge. I will not insult him by jumping over you. If I were ignorant of this, I would jump not only over you but also over this mountain, just like the great Hanuman jumped over the sea.

The monkey said “Who was that Hanuman who jumped over the sea? Foremost among men please do tell me.

To this, Bhimasen replied “The one who is full of good qualities and has intelligence, strength and patience, the great monkey, famous for his part in the story of Rama. He is my brother and in lustre, strength, and courage, I am just like him. I can defeat you easily so please make way for me. If you do not, I will send you to the god of death.

The monkey who really was Hanuman laughed in his mind and then said aloud “I am very ill and cannot move, so please lift my tail put it on the side, and go on your way.

Bhima, who was in vain of his own strength, thought that it was just a weak monkey and he would easily lift his tail and throw him to the god of death. So Bhima smiled sarcastically and bent down to lift the monkey’s tail.